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There is a Tuscany, out of season that is not yet exhausted by big tourism, where the cities of art such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa or Siena are easily accessible and the sea water gives a sense of peace and completeness.

They are spaces where the sky at sunset is tinged with an antique pink color and the Apuan Alps and the pine forest are the two great protagonists of the landscape.In this setting it is nice to stay in Viareggio, in a liberty architecture on the seafront that rises against the sky of Versilia: the Palace Hotel will be ready to welcome you as in a home.

The Palace Hotel is an elegant, stylish, classic and efficient residence that knows how to affectionately embrace its customers and take care of their stay even for long stays.Living in a hotel to work and rest at the same time has always been a habit of artists, intellectuals and stylists, in fact, already in the nineteenth century the musician Richard Wagner used to stay at the Danieli in Venice, not to mention Coco Chanel who lived and he created his collections at the Ritz in Paris.At the Palace Hotel in Viareggio, a professional staff will be ready to welcome you as in the best international hotel tradition.

The wide entrance with the majolica floor designed in the colors of white and blue immediately express all the Mediterranean tradition and freshness, the rooms that follow one another with an intimate and elegant furniture, are the muffled and soft environments, ready to light up the evening with a fugue of rock crystal chandeliers.The Palace Hotel staff will take you to rooms furnished with warmth and attention to detail, everything has been designed to make you feel in a stylish home: from the choice of upholstery to classic furniture.In this atmosphere it will be nice to read, work and relax like this, in the afternoon, in front of a herbal tea or your favorite tea.

In one of the large halls with the piano, you will be able to hear the melodies that have brought Italy to the world, from opera to songwriting, they are small happinesses that our existence can choose.And in the evening, appreciate the cuisine of Versilia with the dishes prepared by our chef or sip a drink, created for the occasion by our bar lady on the beautiful terrace with the large veranda.Leaving behind, for a moment, the intense rhythms of the city could be the right key to face the work with a new ingredient: the quality of life.Sitting at the computer, in front of a wide open window on the sea in smart working mode, it will be a source of new energy and strategic solutions, to then take a short break and walk along the canal or listen to the sound of the drapery of the sails moved by the wind, arrive on the pier to scan the ships on the horizon and still wait for the return of the fishing boats.

Knowing how to appreciate the call of nature in Viareggio will mean staying at Casa Palace, a possible dream.


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